Sora Prompt Guide

How to Write a Good Video Prompt

When crafting prompts for an AI text-to-video generator, think of the prompt as the foundation of your video's content. Just as a quality pen is essential for drawing a beautiful picture, a well-crafted prompt is crucial for generating the video you envision. Here are refined tips to help you create effective prompts:

Avoid Complexity

AI can understand most sentences, but complex and ambiguous prompts may pose a challenge. Typically, the AI scriptwriter creates a detailed script based on your prompt, and then the video generator seeks out matching videos and photos. Using complex words could hinder its ability to find relevant resources for your video.

Add More Details to Prompts

The more details you provide, the better tailored the AI-generated video will be to your needs. Inform the AI about the video's length, target audience, intended platform, specifics of your product/service, and desired video style (e.g., funny, eye-catching, serious). You can even request a 4K video to ensure all media resources are high definition.

Be Concise

While it's important to add details, conciseness is key. Eliminate unnecessary words to avoid confusing the AI. Since AI text-to-video generators may omit parts of your text, ensure the essential information is summarized in a bullet list with examples to support the main points. This approach helps prevent the loss of crucial information.

Don’t Leave an Open Question

Although AI can generate answers for many questions, open-ended questions may result in neutral, unexpected responses. Typically, a more directed question requiring a positive or negative answer yields better results.

By following these tips and understanding the prompt's role in AI video generation, you can significantly improve the outcome of your videos. Comparing the same prompt outcomes across different AI video services, you'll find that Sora Video stands out for its ability to accurately interpret and execute prompts, making it a superior choice for your video creation needs.

Watch a comparison video here

By adhering to these guidelines, you can enhance the quality and relevance of your AI-generated videos, ensuring they align closely with your vision and objectives.